Perks of Having a Wedding Planner

June 6, 2017 / Shuttering Hearts

Planning a wedding can be both thrilling and exhausting at the same time. Many brides hope to get involved and take control as much as possible. That is the case if you’re capable and have the time to plan it entirely on your own or with your bridal's squad.

But what if you're busily occupied with daily chores and don’t have much time to plan your own wedding the way you want it to be? Take a look at our infographic for a quick know-it-all!

Here is our complete reasons on why should you hire a wedding planner:

...And this is why wedding planner exist!

The majority of couples would hire a wedding planner to plan their wedding for them. The reason some couples are afraid to hire a wedding planner is because they are afraid that their wedding will not turn out the way they wanted it to be.

So, we are going to share with you a few benefits of hiring a wedding planner for your wedding.

Reduce Stress Level

It’s no doubt that planning your own wedding will bring you a lot of stress, especially handling all the necessities in your daily routine. How can you spare another thought to go through all the elaborated process in preparing the wedding from scratch?

Hiring a wedding planner might just be the thing you need to reduce the hassle and stress that you might undergo and feel. 


After hiring a wedding planner, you have pretty much some spare time for you to do your own personal things. Putting a wedding together is, of course, your first priority but so is staying your best form.

Brides-to-be tend to be stiff and tense days or even weeks before the big day arrive. It is very important to take some time and pamper yourself to ensure looking fantastic on your wedding day.

Try laying back and enjoy a good movie with your other half while your wedding planner does all the planning cause isn't that one of the reasons you hire a wedding planner? 

Spend Less, Save More

Really? Hiring a wedding planner can actually save my wallet from bleeding? I know many of you will have the same doubt and a brain full of questions upon reading this statement.

It might sound crazy but trust me, it does!

A part of the wedding planner's job is to stick to your budget. Meaning, they will have to look for vendors who match your budget. By saying so, they will find the right wedding photographer, make-up artist, wedding cinematographer and venue contacts that fit right into your budget.

Therefore, saving you from extra charges. 

Smooth Sailing on your Wedding Day

Having a wedding planner is like having a security and guarantee. Acting as your very own personal wedding memo and rundown, they will make sure that everything goes according to plan on the day itself.

Throughout the wedding ceremony, the wedding planner will organize the flow and make sure there are no gaps in between to avoid awkward and empty moments.

Having bad dreams that the live band you hired have malfunction stereo? Or nightmares that the guests seating are not in sequence? 

Fret not! Wedding planner to the rescue. They will keep an eye on all aspects and keep things under control. As for you brides, just stand still and look pretty. After all, it is one of your biggest moments in life.

Of course, the cost of hiring a wedding planner varies. However, by hiring a wedding planner, you will have much more free time in your hands compared to handling all by yourself. Some might say that having a wedding planner is a must.


What do you think?